The Crib Score

Liam and Jake are fanatical cribbage players. They will be keeping a running tally during the trip and the loser will have to fulfil a bet.  Previous crib bets have included: giving out signed personal photos on city corners, composing love poetry to an air-plane stewardess, and nude mountain ascents.


Jake and Liam playing Crib on Mt. Jellicoe


Playing Crib on the summit of McLaren

Playing Crib on the summit of McLaren

After careful deliberation, Jake and Liam have decided upon a bet. The loser will have to maintain a mustache for eight months. Since the trip is eight months, the consequences for losing should also last for eight months. In addition, the loser has to make a crib board from the winner from scratch.  Let the games begin!

 Jake  Liam

22                                                                           23


Other Crib bet suggestion were:

  • Upon returning from the trip the loser must wear a pink fanny pack at all times for a year.
  • The loser must attempt to return through Canadian Customs completely naked.
  • Telemark ski down a run at Marmot Basin, naked, and painted a fluorescent colour.

4 thoughts on “The Crib Score

  1. Maybe I’ll meet you somewhere… Say a restaurant or the like:) I’ll clobber you both @ crib then let the little sore feet take you on down the trail:)

  2. I’d say make a skunk and a skunk hole (loseby a single point) worth double overall points. Loser overall has to leave canada and not return for 365 dayd

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