The Expeditioners: Liam & Jake

Liam grew up in Jasper, Alberta – a perfect place for scrambling pointy things and survival skiing. He first went on mountain trips with his father, and it’s thanks to him that he has an interest in the outdoors. Liam loves to travel to cold and miserable places, as long as he has a steaming mug of tea and good grub to fry in bacon fat. He completed his undergrad (via taking the scenic route of 7 years) at the University of British Columbia in English Literature, but has only worked in jobs relating to Biology. Eventually he would like to settle down in a place where he can have chickens, but hopes there are many adventures before then. He is the main contributor to the blog.

Jacob-Michael was born and raised in Jasper, Alberta. He has been downhill skiing at Marmot Basin since he was 7 and started backcountry skiing and hiking in high school (with the help of Mr. Harrap). Nowadays, he enjoys winter camping, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, travelling and time with friends.  Recently, Jake completed his Environmental Engineering degree at UBC and UNBC after a prolonged 6.5 years. He is still deciding what specialization he would would like to work in,  but can picture himself on an acreage in a small town working for a little consulting company…enjoying  all that life has to offer.

Liam and JakeSONY DSC



Both expeditioners (Jake left and Liam right)

3 thoughts on “The Expeditioners: Liam & Jake

  1. Hi Liam- I am reading with interest your blog as we (my buddy and I) were on horseback (2 saddle horses, one pack horse), coming out of the Fording Pass when we met you on the road just before yo were going to start on the trail up to the Fording Pass, which you obviously missed as you ended up on Mt. Bolton- What an adventure you guys had! At the time, I only?? thought you were going as far as Waterton, but WOW!!!
    Rick Gris

    • Hi Rick! Oh wow! It is great to hear from you again and we certainly remember you guys as you were the last people we saw for weeks! Yup, we certainly did get lost. Oh well, it worked out in the end. I probably only said Waterton because saying Mexico sounded silly. I might as well have said the moon it seemed so far away! Happy New Year to you and your friend! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Hello Jake and Liam
    What an exciting adventure. We are Reid Jackson’s parents in Penticton. We had Jessica & your Mom here on Boxing Day. It is great that we were able to see your adventure through Jessica as well as the Vancouver Sun article. Kudos to both of you. Kim

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