The Aim

The aim of this expedition was to leave skiing right from our front door in Jasper, Alberta, and travel along the Great Divide (Rockies) to the Mexican border. We started April 25, 2014 and reached Mexico December 31, 2014, just a few hours before midnight. We started the trip on skis, skiing the Great Divide Traverse from the Marmot Basin Ski Hill and exiting by Field, BC. When the snow faded, we brought out the hiking boots. And when the snow came back in Southern Colorado, we took out the snow shoes. The total distance was 5407 km. Friends met us periodically during the trip, making it a more social adventure and provide an opportunity to both build and strengthen relationship. Expeditions do not always have to be solitary ventures, as true happiness is often shared.

Hiking along the divide in central Colorado.

Hiking along the divide in central Colorado.

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