Our Sponsors

Liam and Jake would like to thank the following people/organizations for their help in our adventure.


The Alpine Club of Canada



Trailerchic (Run by Liam’s Sister – Rebecca)- A delightful blog on living in small spaces. Please follow their blog at: http://trailerchicgirls.com/







We would also like to thank everyone for the individual donations that are helping to make this trip possible. Specifically, Nancy Taylor (Mum), David Harrap (Dad), Mike Alleyne (Dad), Janet Gulbransen, Marilynn Gulbransen, Steph and Pete Robinson, The Waxers, Allie Strel, Mike Mcmillan,  the employees at Anderson Dorn & Rader Ltd, Elizabeth Harrap, Jill Seaton, Doreen Lennie, Debbie Goodridge Quinn, Nicole Caron, Rick and Sarah Strel, Greg Van Tighem, Dr. Mark Mahler at Jasper Dental Clinic, The Dorks (Park/Dolan), Jasper Elementary School, Carmen and Jeff Alleyne (Nanny and Granddad), and Jim Alary to name a few.


2 thoughts on “Our Sponsors

  1. Met David Harrap today in Soccoro N.M. What a nice man. Fantastic adventure you people are on. I was with my father and two uncles. We were all enthralled with his stories. Davis very generously gave us a copy of his book. I look forward to sharing with my daughters. We wish you all the best.
    Jon Monette 12/15/14

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