Fellow Expeditioners

Here are a list of people that have either joined us during our trip or have been most helpful and awesome. We would like to thank everyone for their company and support.


A Mr. Ben Nearingburg. He skied with us from Jasper to the Icefields. If you would like to read more about his adventures, see his blog: http://benthereclimbedthat.ca/drupal/


Meghan Anderson. She also skied with us from Jasper to the Columbia Icefields


The Wonderful Waxers and their friend Andrea. They brought skis and food to the Icefields. Thank you So Much!


Liam’s Dad. He kept driving up and down the highway, bringing food and pies. Thank’s Dad! He also came into the Howse River and Spray Lakes to Kananaskis Lakes with them.


Jake’s Mom Nancy also drove up and down the highway. She also supplied food and cider. She also met them in Lake Louise and gave them their summer gear. She also brought their ID’s (Stupid Lake Louise Hostel! Er!). Thank you Mom!


Thank You Patrick, Julia, and Laurens for hosting us in Banff!



Thank you Yael for letting us stay in your humble abode in Calgary and always advising us on gear.


Jake’s dad and Janet for always forwarding us mail and picking up packages in the USA. They also met us in Banff. It was great to see you guys!


A friend of Jake, Erika, met us for a few days. We went up Bertha Peak and she hiked across the border. Thank you for coming to spend time with us Erica!


A Miss Allie Stel helped with a food drop between Banff and Waterton. She even came down for a visit in Glacier. Although it was short, we had a marvelous time!


Liam’s sister and Brother-In-Law came for a visit in December to Denver. We had a jolly good weekend. Thank you guys!

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