The “Great Outdoors” has become something we drive to rather than being in from the start. For many, it involves a long car ride and implies great distance. However, it also symbolizes “Great Adventure”. In the rush rush of today’s life we are often speeding to make the 8AM Monday meeting, instead of taking our time as we step out the door. The “Great Outdoors” or “Great Adventure” can be much closer than you thought. In fact, right in our own backyards. This blog aimed to follow the journey of two friends: Liam and Jake on their adventure from the front doors of their hometown Jasper, Alberta, Canada, along the Great and Continental Divide Trail to Mexico. They aimed to test the limit and meaning of the saying “Right on our Doorstep”, in their attempts to find the end of their own backyards. Simply, we all have doorsteps. Therefore, we are all capable of having a DoorStep Adventure.


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  1. “Where are we going? asked Gwvera.
    “To the stars,” said Grinny.
    “Where are they?”
    “Out there.”
    “How will we get there?”
    “The same way we get everywhere–we’ll walk.”
    “But my feet are so tiny,” she said.
    “Then we’ll take tiny steps . . . But it’s not your feet that get you there.”
    “No.It’s your head and your heart and your super-duper spirit . . . ”

    • Hi Vivian! Wow! Cool! He is actually hiking with us now in Southern New Mexico – 40 miles from the border!! Almost there! Great to hear from you and thank you for looking at our blog – so cool you met my dad!! 🙂

  2. What an amazing adventure Jake and Liam! I can only try to imagine all the experiences you’ve enjoyed, (and endured). Congratulations on a great accomplishment! Your parents and families must be very proud of you, and as a Canadian mother of young men your age, I feel proud of you too. I am a hiker, working towards being a “hiker”…
    All the best in your future endeavours,

  3. Words can hardly convey the feelings I have about your amazing journey. I only recently found out about it, and I was so moved by this trip of yours, Liam and Jake. Way to go! I think it is just fantastic what you have done.
    With deep respect,
    Monika Schaefer

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