Grinny’s Land of Enchantment

I suppose one more post like this – for old time sake.
Grinny’s Land of Enchantment
The land where horses fly…
And bulls rage.
And cowboys are thin and lanky.
 The lions are colourful .
 The hitch hiking hard.
And ranch bosses  mean and cranky. 
Everything is spiky in the Land of Enchantment  since they hardly get any rain (Grinny had prickles in his bottom for days. See below).
And where Grinny first sees Road Runner giving him the eye  as he flashes by on the side of the  train .
It was on the border, around the camp fire, that Grinny comes up with his plan.
He’ll wait on the road, for days if he must, to show Road Runner who’s the real man.
Three days Grinny waits in the middle of the road, but his adversary never appears. 
So by consensus Grinny is awarded the race to the thunderous Mexican cheers.
The Mayor of Columbus ( pistol stuck in his boot), an official  of very high station,
Presents Grinny with the  Deformed Carrot Award . . . in keeping with the  situation!

2 thoughts on “Grinny’s Land of Enchantment

  1. Tembothley, a distant cousin on my mother’s side, says he doesn’t believe a word of this. I told him I still have a New Mexican, and Mexican, prickle or two in my bum to prove it. And anyway, what about the major carrot award? Ain’t that proof? Then he says that’s a plastic carrot to boot.
    I want it to go on the record that he doesn’t know what on earth he’s talking about. Huh!!

  2. Holy Crapballs and Congratulations to you both! What an epic adventure. I just learned of your adventure through the GDTA website. I jjust took a quick browse through the ski traverse portion of your adventure and can’t wait to sitting down for a read. We’ve got a bit in common! I’m from Banff and I hiked solo from Canada to Mexico on the PCT in 2012, but this is an adventure of a different scope. What an achievement. So, a huge Congrats to you Jake and Liam! I don’t know you, but I’m stoked for you. 🙂 It must be good to be home.

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