The Joys of a Backpack

After awhile you become quite attached to your backpack. Like a turtle and his shell, it becomes your home and a dear ol’friend. During this trip, we have had many different sizes of backpacks. When we left Jasper, our bags were 100 pounds. Some days they went down to 20 (not often enough though). The following is the story of our backpack.


For our food drops during the ski section, we attached a sled to our backpacks making manuevering around little more difficult...


We even had to ford creeks with the blasted sled!


We have to go how far with this ball and chain? Can't we just fly instead? No? Sigh.


Trying to get up on Day 2.


Still trying...


Third time the charm!


Being large and in charge, made things difficult. ..However, you never have to worry about someone stealing your backpack, I mean who would steal 100 pounds? Even if they did it might actually be reliving. And when you're the same size as a bear, no need to fret about them as well


Are we there yet?


Bit by bit the backpack got smaller. I think we are at 70 pounds here! Yay!


Nothing like desert walking with snow shoes.


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