The Wonderous Winds of Wyoming

From the moment we stepped onto the CDT we have heard about the Winds. It is everyone’s favorite.  And I think it might have been ours. Just have a look:


A jackolope (world’s largest!) in Duboise. The town before the Winds.


Hunting is kind of a big deal here.


Entering the Winds. I don’t think we’re in sage brush country anymore, Toto.


Did I mention how high they are? Giants! This is on the summit of Winifred Peak – 12 700ft.  That’s higher than this:

Summit of Clemenceau.  All the way back in May.

Summit of Clemenceau. The fourth highest in the Canadian Rockies. This was all the way back in May.

And 200 ft less than Mount Robson. Say WHAT!?


Summit of Winifred Peak with American Legion to the right.


See the snowy peak in the background – that’s Gannett Peak, it’s a 13 000er AND the highest point in Wyoming.


Climbing Baldy Pass.

DSC02838Summit of Mount Baldy.


Gannett Peak again on the left.


Group summit shot. Jake pointing out his baldness on baldy… (roll eyes).


Summit of Texas Pass and entering the Cirque of the Towers. Wow! Just wow!


Pingora Peak.


Cirque of the Towers.


Jake and the Towers.


Looking towards a stormy future.


Summit of East Temple Peak.


Our last day in the Winds.


Nevertheless,  the good times didn’t end there. We found two beers in a stream. Sure they were covered in algae and faded. But they still tasted amazing.


Our ride into Lander during a blizzard. They didn’t have room for both Jake and myself inside, so we took turns being outside. I think I put on every single piece of clothing I owned afterwards.

4 thoughts on “The Wonderous Winds of Wyoming

  1. Oh, correction!–Grinny says the JackOlope is a distant cousin on his mother’s side, twice removed–ON STEROIDS (that’s the cousin, not his mother). And Grinny also says: WOW! WOW! AND DOUBLE WOW THE WINDS!!! He says it looks so fabulous that he’s moving there–after a regimen of the steroids, of course. He says he’ll want to look his cousin straight in the eye, and carrots just ain’t doing it–no matter how many he eats.( But he’ll need another hat since his head won’t be 6 7/8 no more . . . )

  2. The Winds look a most amazing place – Pingora Peak – shall i remain Pangora??!! Great photos.
    Knitting while walking – now that is something different – must be a first for the CDT.

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