Well folks we are 21 miles (and halfway done the CDT! YEEHAW!) from the Colorado border and it’s time we share our adventures in Wyoming. First with Jellystone…

DSC02727Entering a new state and Yellowstone! I think they spared no expense.


It was great to be amongst so much hot water. Yellowstone isn’t breathtaking.  It’s rather flat and lots of it burnt down in 1988, so the trees are small. But it’s pleasant nevertheless. It’s also the oldest national park in the world.


Castle Geyser.


Unfortunately all sunshine and lollipops must one day end…


This is the first body of water we have forded in 500 miles. There just haven’t been “rivers”. Ah. I’ve missed water.


Neat! Good thing we aren’t following this to the Atlantic…yikes! However, Mexico is further than the Pacific. Oh dear…


Tip-toeing through willows and mud. A main feature in Yellowstone.


Did I mention that I love Yellowstone? Natural hotsprings! We even cooked dinner in one – hamburger helper (minus the hamburger, so really just helper). I think I’m staying here for winter…


Mike and Janet even came for a visit. We even did more hot river swimming. It was superb!


They even brought their trailer. And so we became one of “those” people. Thanks for the visit Mike and Janet! We had a great time and may have even gained a pound (or five)!

A Krispy Kreme donut burger. I don't think I can go back to normal burgers. So bland!

A Krispy Kreme donut burger. I don’t think I can go back to normal burgers. So bland!

This may have helped the weight gain…


Thanks for the Good Times Jellystone!

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