A Desert Crossing

And so we crossed the Great Basin Red Desert. The divide gets weird here, it splits and does a circle. What happens to the water in the middle? No idea…It was strange to go right from the Winds and lots and lots of water to sand and dust. However, it was still interesting (In a I’mneverdoingthatagain sort of way)…

DSC02931  South Pass City. This was the largest town in Wyoming in the 1800’s. Now it’s a museum with a population of 7.


The Oregon Trail.


The California Trail.


To pass the time (flatness and sage brush is only interesting for so long) we knitted. I made two hats! However, we did knit ourselves through an intersection and missed a turning. How embarrassing. ..

DSC02987The view. Kinda cool.

DSC02978  A desert isn’t a desert without cactus!


Oh look. I can see three days away. Yay!


And where we were last week.


A foot shot. I’m bored.


The final miles into Rawlins. An oasis town.


How we look after 40 miles (65 km) of desert walking. After this shot was taken, we passed out in a road ditch. It was the best ditch I’ve ever slept in.

3 thoughts on “A Desert Crossing

  1. Maybe you should call this odyssey “Knitting our way to Mexico”. Incredible scenery! You seem to have the whole place to yourselves – no sign of another human anywhere – how lucky can you get. And is there no wildlife? The only animal so far was the dead bear in the back of the truck. There must at least be a spider or a snake out there somewhere or has somebody shot them all? Enjoy the rest of this fabulous trip.

  2. Haha! Thanks Jill! Well. Er. Um. We do see wildlife. Not tons. But there were lots of prong horn in the desert. Just can’t get close to anything to get a picture. They are so cool though! And there are wild horses as well! Everything is so skittish though. Must be all the hunters…there are a lot!

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