It’s a Pop Quiz People!

We thought we would ask whoever is reading (if there is anyone) a question. What is the lowest point Jake and myself will walk through on the way to Mexico? To make it easier, you can just guess a state/province. So take you’re pick from: British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming,  Colorado, New Mexico, and Mexico. If you can guess the exact location, talk about bragging rights! You can put your guess in the comment section. Good Luck!

7 thoughts on “It’s a Pop Quiz People!

  1. I’m saying JASPER ALBERTA. The warrens there always get flooded. If we were ten feet higher, say twenty feet, my feet (four) would be in much better shape and I would CERTAINLY be able to overtake Muppet and Duckey and be the first to dig a hole–no, not to do the necessaries– in the DRY Mexican desert (and probably live there for the rest of my life).

    One year my stash of carrots got wet rot as did my feet (aka paws) since I was six months clumping around the “house” in my pair of size 14 sea boots–Grinny

  2. I figured this out. It’s a trick question. The answer: The lowest point will be wherever you four (Ducky, Muppet, Grinny, Grinny’s sidekick) are when you run out of food… I win.

  3. I think Grinny is quit wrong – why stay if the warrens are getting flooded. No the lowest point will be when you arrive at your final destination and have no more fun filled days hiking across the CDT!

  4. Haha! I must admit, I probably would have guessed Mexico myself (the border, that’s the goal for now). Shockingly it’s not! And even Google couldn’t help on this one! Thanks for the guesses through everyone!

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