The Continental Divide Trail

The crossing into the USA was far easier than expected. They asked no questions and only took note of our passport numbers – and gave Jake a written warning for having bear bangers. While you are allowed to carry guns in the national parks in the US, heaven forbid you have a flare pen. Glacier National Park is a beautiful and rugged place. See for yourself!


The start of the CDT.  Only 4 996km to go…Perhaps we should have taken up video gaming instead. At least our clothes wouldn’t wear out and the feet wouldn’t hurt.


Entering the USA.


Jake’s friend Erika met us in Waterton and hiked across the border with us. As you can see, the vegetation is quite high. In some places it goes beyond 2 Liams. Thank you for spending sometime with us Erika!


We also went up Bertha Peak with Erika. Even on our “days off” we go up mountains. Sigh. If only there were more movie theaters in the countryside. And buffets.


On the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park.


Hiking through a garden.


The national parks in the USA are different. For example, they use explosives to make platforms on snow slopes to make it easier for walking…Hmmm makes one wonder if they have too much money to spend?


Why hello there. A goat on the way up Swiftcurrent Mountain.


Summit of Cataract Mountain.


We have gone from making bread, scones, and dosas in Canada to frying pop tarts in butter in the US. It can be hard finding food in a gas station for a week!  It was still the highlight of the day!


 Some wild onions. A welcome break from pop tarts!


 A flower worthy of taking note.


Wonderful Tim’s Potato Chips. Only 900 calories worth…I don’t even recall what an apple tastes like.


Summit of McClintocks


Going up Mt. Morgan. It’s slightly tight.


Going up Mt.  Sinopah.


Summit of Mt. Sinopah


A view down the ridge


Our bathing situation at the moment.


How the town of East Glacier Park got put on “the map”.


Hmmm. Excellent timing! Liam lost his spork! Maybe he can replace it with one here…

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