The Next Step…

It’s time we take the next step and cross the border into the USA. We leave behind the Great Divide, and now follow the Continental Divide.


A view looking into the USA. We are going to horizon, and beyond. Ever-so-far Beyond. If you squint, perhaps you can see Mexico twinkling in the distance…

I hope they let us into the USA. I hope the CDT is as fabulous as they say. I hope we reach Mexico. I hope…

We also hope that our feet stop hurting or we may become like Kramer…

2 thoughts on “The Next Step…

  1. So great to see you guys in Waterton! good luck with your border crossing. Hopefully they won’t take away your knitting needles. LOL Love you both so much!!

  2. Great adventure, I enjoy following your trek from the comfort and safety of my home, You guys are a true inspiration to all, following your dreams and making fresh tracks in a modern era!
    Trek on!

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