Cached and Ready!

Well the time has arrived. All four of our food caches for the Jasper to Lake Louise portion are placed! Yahoo! Now all we have to do is go visit them again…via a more scenic route (gulp!). Here are some pictures from our last food cache by Fortress Lake, BC.



For the past month I have been dehydrating a variety of items, thereby probably driving my room-mate mad. One of my favourites is dried banana, which according to my dad look like a cat’s bum. Thanks for that dad….



Jake sucking out the air from ziplock bags to help them fit in the food box.



Myself with the food box (courtesy of my dad) and its little sidekick.



Jake and his burden-I-mean-sled.


At times there was a lack of snow. This did not make it easy...

Sometimes snow was lacking, making it very difficult at times.



One of eight river crossings during the drop. This was the deepest (and coldest! Brr!). In order to get all the sleds across we each had to cross at least four times. Jake and I are wearing tee-shirts from one of our Sponsors – Yes Wellness.



Jake and Ben doing another river crossing.



Crossing the border between Alberta and BC



Sometimes the bush got pretty thick…



Finally – Fortress Lake. We just have to cache the food on the other side, 11 km away…sigh.



Burying the cache.



The weather on the return was far better!



Ah! Pure bliss…Sunshine and an empty sled make an enjoyable time.













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