And So it Begins!

A few days ago we placed our first food drop for the ski section from Jasper to Lake Louise. It is official – we are now committed (gulp). Only three more food drops to go! Here are some pictures from our three day adventure:



Leaving the parking lot at Saskatchewan Crossing with our food cache in a wooden box to protect it against unfriendly (smaller) creatures. Hopefully bears/wolverines don’t like pounds upon pounds of candy, chocolate, hot coco, girl guide cookies, and instant potatoes…Oh dear.



Skiing up the Howse River Valley. The flatness was greatly appreciated.



Another team member – Ben. He will join us from Jasper to Lake Louise. The box construction was his handy work.



Shiny sunglasses are of the utmost importance. How else would you get an indirect self-portrait of all of us?



We had our difficulties. Memo to self: Ski boots are not waterproof.



Getting close to the cache spot.



Ben and Jake begin making a platform for our wooden box.



What we have to show for three days work…not to mention how long it took to make the box and gather the food/fuel. IT LOOKS AWESOME!



We return one box lighter.


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