How Does One Plan for 8 Months?

I find it hard to determine what to do next weekend, let alone plan for 8 months. Nevertheless, it is always exciting to scribble and muse over maps. Day dreaming of the trips to come, the ups and downs. Right now we are planning some food drops for our ski section between Jasper and Banff. These will have to be placed manually, as we are trying to avoid helicopter drops. How does one plan whether he will want to eat pasta and alfredo in four months? Or will I prefer a curry? Perhaps I will be so hungry that even chicken feet would be delicious. Let us hope we do not stoop to that level!

One thought on “How Does One Plan for 8 Months?

  1. We’ve found that, while it’s good to have an outline plan, it’s best not to plan in too much detail for long trips as unexpected things like fires and injuries happen on the way to affect the plan. Regarding food which is the all important fuel for the adventure we’ve generally preferred to buy food on the way from towns near the route. This gives flexibility to add a couple of days for an objective between resupply points if you decide or to rush through a section if needed. We planned a Banff to Jasper ski trip in 2000, albeit by the easier route on the east side of the BJ highway, and put food drops in at Fish Lakes, the David Thompson Highway (in a car) and 6 km up Poboktan Creek. The trail breaking was so bad that we ended up missing out a section of the route. Yes, you don’t know what you might want to eat but as long as there’s some variety it will be OK. We dried some ground beef and veggies, and had that most nights but varied the meal by using rice, noodles, mashed potato and couscous on different nights. Dried pasta sauce is great with anything! First night of a food drop can be something heavier.

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